Gallery Update: “The Resident” 1×06-1×14 Screen Captures

Hi Matt fans! Apologies for disappearing, I took a much needed break from websites. I’ve finally added the rest of The Resident season one screen captures. More updates to come soon!

DA MAN Magazine Interview

Matt Czuchry Opens Up About “The Resident” and More…

STAYING CENTERED. Seasoned actor Matt Czuchry talks about the excitement and challenges for his new medical drama show “The Resident”

DA MAN – After reappearing as one of his most iconic characters 2016’s “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” to much acclaim, Matt Czuchry is set to once again grace the small screen in another drama series with huge potential. Make that a “medical drama.” This year sees Czuchry as the main lead in “The Resident,” which takes on the highly competitive genre with a new take on the tension and turmoil that builds up within a hospital’s walls. And it certainly seems that Czuchry is enjoying his newest project.

DA MAN: Hi, Matt. awesome to have you with us for the magazine. How are you doing?
Matt Czuchry: Thank you for having me. I am doing well. Currently I am in New York City doing press for “The Resident.” It is fun being here and seeing all of the billboards promoting the show.
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The Resident: 1×04 – “Identity Crisis” Screen Captures

Screen captures of this week’s The Resident episode, 1×04 – “Identity Crisis,” have been added to the gallery!

The Resident: 1×03 – “Comrades in Arms” Screen Captures

I’ve added some screen captures of Matt in this week’s The Resident episode, 1×03 – “Comrades in Arms.”

The Resident: 1×02 – “Independence Day” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of last week’s second episode of The Resident, 1×02 – “Independence Day.” Check out the pilot screen captures here. The Resident airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.